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Unlike other meet up, networking, or dating applications where users simply connect based upon physical appearance, Caviar members are connected through similar interests and like-mindedness.

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It is proven that relationships, friendship or romantic, are more likely to last when like-minded people connect by sharing in an activity or experience they both enjoy first. Stepping outside the traditional model of going to coffee, lunch, dinner, or drinks allows people to loosen up, let go, and have fun. This puts everyone in the best light possible, bringing authentic smiles, laughing, and being silly versus tedious interview-style interrogations that can make meeting blasé and awkward.

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Our members use our Caviar platform to post experiences that they wish to share with others. Other Caviar users/subscribers will then review those experiences and swipe right to indicate interest in the event or swipe left if it’s not of interest. The Caviar Lifestyles “hosting member” can invite however many people they desire to a hosted experience, such as attending exclusive parties, galas, film, food, art festivals, retreats, concerts, travel, dinners, sporting events, and much more.